Make an Enquiry

This bit is super easy! Have a browse through our selection of hand painted backdrops, props, and floors and add the ones you like to your Cart.

Go to your Cart, check the details, then submit your enquiry on the Checkout page.

** Please note, you are only making an enquiry at this stage – not confirming the rental. **

Someone from our team will get back in touch with you ASAP to confirm the booking and take payment in advance. (If you’re in a hurry, please call us directly on 07773369543 once you’ve submitted your enquiry).


Are the images on your website accurate?

Our backdrops are shot straight on without any colour tweaking. We try our hardest to make ensure that what you see, is what you get. We recommend you look at our images on a properly colour calibrated monitor, or on a few different screens. Backdrops will also look different under different kinds of studio lights.


Can I come and check out your items in person?

Absolutely. Please be aware that we do charge a minimum handling fee of £30 plus £5 per item (+VAT). Please contact us with at least 24hrs notice to arrange a visit. Subject to availability.


Do you do bespoke backdrops?

Yes we do! We have a team of experienced and talented scenic painters who can help fulfil your request. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further. Generally speaking, a bespoke canvas backdrop takes 2-3 days to turnaround once we have finalised the details with you. 


How do I pay for the items?

Once you have submitted you enquiry, someone from our team will send out a Rental Agreement for you to check over. If you’re happy with it all, then we’re good to go! Simply sign and return the Rental Agreement.
Payment can be taken via credit/debit card, BACS transfer or PayPal.

We won’t be able to send out any items until payment has been received.


Do you deliver or do I need to arrange my own transport?

Please arrange your own transport to and from Beau Backdrops. Any transport used must be suited to the items being taken.

Small canvases: 2.7m long

Medium canvases: 3.4m long

Large canvases: 3.8m long

Plank Floors: 3m x 1m

Panel Floors Floors: 1.1m x 1.1m

This means an enclosed vehicle with blankets and ties to protect and secure the items. We reserve the right to refuse to load if we believe the items will be damaged – we want you to receive items in the best possible condition and avoid any loss or damage.

Beau Backdrops is open for collections and deliveries between 0900 – 1700 / Monday – Friday. Out of hours delivery and collections can be arranged with a minimum of 24hrs notice, subject to availability.

Items being returned must be accepted back into our possession by a member of our staff. You must not leave the items unattended outside our unit, or with neighbouring units unless we have agreed this in writing.


How do I handle your backdrops properly?

All our canvas backdrops will be sent out in a protective tube. Please ensure they are sent back in the same tubes to ensure the canvases aren’t damaged in transit.

Unwrap the backdrops with care – avoid using anything sharp.

Please don’t use staples or strong adhesives on the backdrop!

We would really appreciate that if you need to stand on the backdrop for any reason, that you remove your shoes. If a model needs to stand on one, please ensure the model has protective soft padding on the under soles of their shoes / heels.


What happens if we damage one of your items?

In the event of loss, theft, or damage, the client is liable for a replacement or damage fee.

Details can be found on the Loss and Damage chapter of the Terms and Conditions.


Can I hold on to your items a little longer?

Extended hire will be charged at 10% of the hire value for each additional day past initial 1 week hire. Please check with us first as it may be that another client has already booked the items you have.


What if I want to cancel my order?

A cancellation charge of 50% of hire will be made for orders cancelled within 24hrs of collection day.